The Health care center


The health care center will aim at bringing kindergarten pupils and any other people residing in Cameroon first-aid treatment , basic health education and information about protective vaccination.

Our assignments will consist in :

  • Taking necessary measures when a disease of compulsory declaration or an infection issue is reported, to limit their transmission.
  • Knowing the effective operations regarding  transmittable diseases and informing the our partners on the subject;
  • Identifying situations which could endanger  population health to inform the concerned authorities and implement  protective measures;
  • Supporting and encouraging  the implementation and organization of activities or  programmes for  health promotion or protection regarding transmittable diseases;
  • Conducting training sessions concerning the prevention of infectious diseases;
  • Taking part in the creation of tools to prevent and control infectious diseases, working in collaboration with Ministry of Health, social services and  other partners.

Our Initiatives will be:

  • Maintaining vaccination quality;
  • Organizing vaccination against Tetanus;
  • Organizing vaccination against Hepatitis A and B for different types of patients;
  • Evaluating vaccination coverage of the intended patients;
  • To limit Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) by blood( HIV infection, Hepatite).

The health care center will aim at increase surrounding population’s awareness about medical issues.  This center will also have a role to play in health education to help people maintain good health by their own behavior.

To reach that objective, health education will overcome cultural barriers.  Hence, it will be necessary to make difference between the why (e.g. the diseases appeared) and the wherefore (e.g. how the disease enter the body).

Indeed, we will give special attention when selecting activity organizers, particularly about their skills, morality, privacy, considering that their medical knowledge will be as determining as the generosity and the attention they show towards others.

The health care center also aims to :

  • Improve the training of day care center workers in organized activity technics, either in the school community, or ??;
  • Give day care center workers good work tools  as flannelographs,  shots, image boxes and documents useful for their work;
  • Undertake  sanitary actions in surroundings areas that will serve as a basis for day care center workers’ speeches and exemples to follow.

The activity organizer will be able to anticipate people reaction to his advice. He will have to know the different steps in the educative process, the people awareness, attitudes, motivations as well as the decision makers of the surrounding areas .

An individual one, even an illeterate one,  will accept the sense of change if he:

  • Trust the activity organizer,  if he takes part to the speeches and if he understands well the explanations given to him (thanks educational method);
  • learns that most diseases are natural diseases that can be fought against  and prevented from natural ways;
  • sees clearly the point in being treated.

So motivated, and if he has enough food, and enough trust in development action, the person will act alone, or jointly with other persons. At that stage, health education will complete its final objective: promoting a better health for all.

The centre will close at night

Doctors of the health care center will be able to create a partnership and interactions with other doctors from Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne (French departments).

Training of contributors or activity organizers will be managed by a medical coordinator(a doctor especially) before the health care center opens.

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